PartnerLinQ Expands Supply Chain Solutions Framework with ECGrid

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[Cranbury, NJ], [Marina del Rey, CA] [July 27, 2021] – Supply chain business connectivity iPaas solution PartnerLinQ has announced a significant expansion of “Visionet VAN” to its EDI and Supply Chain Connectivity offerings. PartnerLinQ has selected ECGrid Network service of Loren Data Corp. ( – a leader in B2B messaging platform technology, to enhance digital connectivity for its clients. “As …

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Leading B2B/EDI Networks Collaborate

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  Joint Press Release Leading B2B/EDI Networks Collaborate to Quickly Enable Ford Ventilator Vendor Supply Chain to assist in the U.S. fight against COVID-19 deaths Marina del Rey, CA & Deerfield, IL — May 21, 2020 [updated: May 28, 2020] — Loren Data Corp. and Kleinschmidt, Inc., two of the industry’s leading EDI Networks, today announced that they have successfully …

Target/ECGrid Holiday Hotline

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Loren Data Provides Peace of Mind to Target Vendors Season’s Greetings! During this crucial holiday season, Loren Data is proud to announce a Target/ECGrid Holiday Hotline for all Target vendors. Target Corporation’s new EDI VAN and AS2 communications partner, Loren Data knows that reliable EDI connectivity with Target is mission critical at any time, but even more so during the …

Retailer Summit – Agenda

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Here is the agenda for the Retailer Summit sponsored by Loren Data and hosted by X12 at the Trimester Meeting in Pittsburgh on September 26, 2017. If you want to add to the discussion, please share your ideas by commenting on this blog post! Retailer Summit September 26, 2017 Agenda 9:00 – 9:15               Welcome 9:15 – 9:30               Introductions 9:30 – …

There Will Be No Disruption

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OpenText has agreed to continue exchanging data with Loren Data and has rescinded the disconnection. The ability to set up new partnerships will resume immediately and data will continue to flow uninterrupted. Link to OpenText Notice Industry and Customer First – Always Regards, Todd Gould President & CEO      

New Products from Loren Data

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This month we have launched two new products: SuperHUBSM and VendorConnect. Both have been driven by customer demand and are directly intended to stabilize the shifting sand that is today’s EDI messaging environment. SuperHUB has been in development for some time and is a natural extension of ECGrid, enhanced for major EDI Hub end-users. Not just another VAN, SuperHUB is …

I Built That!

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One of the most common search terms we have hitting our web site is “How do I become a VAN?” Great question. There is no off-the-shelf VAN software. Each and every VAN has built their own system, designed to handle standard (X12, EDIFACT, TRADACOM, etc.) and non-standard EDI data. And for the sake of this argument I will also include …

Laughing at Ourselves

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I don’t know who created this, but this is a must view for anyone who has ever touched EDI or “driven” a VAN. My hat’s off to you EDIcommunity! Todd Gould President Loren Data Corp.