Happy Holidays

Todd Gould, CEO CEO's Letter

The massive end-of-year retail rush is over; the orders, shipping notices, and invoices are complete, and the last packages are arriving at our homes. A big thank you to all the EDI elves this year – the great team at Loren Data, our partners, our colleagues and competitors. My hat’s off to the unsung heroes of the holiday shopping experience! …

Certified PEPPOL Access Point

Loren Data Communications Press Release

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Loren Data Corp. Becomes a Certified PEPPOL Access Point Marina del Rey, CA – September 24, 2019 – Loren Data Corp. (LD.com), a leader in B2B messaging platform technology, today announced that it has been officially certified as a PEPPOL  (Pan-European  Public  Procurement  On-Line) Access Point. Loren Data is committed to providing maximum reach of exchanging data …

Ringing in e2019

Todd Gould, CEO CEO's Letter

2018 was a mixed year for retail and cCommerce: bankruptcies, acquisitions, consolidations, spin-offs, etc. Add in interest rate hikes, trade wars, and a stock market in a tailspin, it seems that the compass is pointing in all directions at one time. Not to fear! From this chaos is emerging a new, more efficient and more diverse economy. Through eCommerce, smaller …

The Art & Science Behind eCommerce

Todd Gould, CEO ECGrid, Tech

With millions of transactions continuously flowing behind the scenes, Loren Data employs many methods of making sure the system is functioning at all nines. One key tool for ECGrid is the instrumentation of our code, allowing us to follow key statistics on a real-time basis. By learning trends and the relationships of various parameters, we can predictively detect and prevent problems, …

2018 ECGrid Developer’s Program Report: 4Psite

Todd Gould, CEO Developer's Program, ECGrid, ECGridOS

Participants in the ECGridOS Developer’s Program have the opportunity to showcase their ECGridOS integrations. The first in this series is 4Psite, an innovative cloud-based order management system provider. Since 2005, 4Psite has provided cloud-based operations management capabilities and transparent, integrated EDI services. By integrating ECGrid’s with EGridOS, with interconnections to all VANs and integrated AS2 connectivity, we can provide our customers with very responsive …

Welcome to the new LD.com

Todd Gould, CEO CEO's Letter, ECGrid, Featured, Hubbub

It’s been a long time coming, but the launch day of our new corporate website is here along with a fresh, new corporate branding. Huge thanks to Jamie Schwartzman and his creative team at Flux Branding . First, the new brand for Loren Data: Since 1987 the Loren Data brand has stood for integrity, reliability and dedication to our customers. As we start into …

There Will Be No Disruption

Todd Gould, CEO Featured, Interconnects

OpenText has agreed to continue exchanging data with Loren Data and has rescinded the disconnection. The ability to set up new partnerships will resume immediately and data will continue to flow uninterrupted. Link to OpenText Notice Industry and Customer First – Always Regards, Todd Gould President & CEO