President’s Letter

Todd Gould, CEO CEO's Letter

From Todd Gould, Founder of Loren Data Corp:

My Dear Friends and Colleagues:

Loren Data Corp is an independent company focused on EDI network services, we provide the most advanced communications services for professional B2B service providers. I have refined the architecture of ECGrid® and ECGridOS, the industry’s only API for B2B integration, to serve the Service Provider, SAAS B2B system operators, and Multi-Tenant On-Demand trading communities. Loren Data Corp operates an infrastructure capable of serving the largest supply chain companies, and our clients are a who’s who of leaders in eCommerce.

Our support structure is very different; only principals and lead engineers operate the network and handle support issues. Because we do not service end users, we convey our support culture as an extension of your own organization, as responsible party to responsible party.

We move EDI communications technology forward: We created the ECGridOS API, and our core ECGrid® network is the result of ten years of continual refinement.

We actively participate in EDI standards, particularly in working groups that define new avenues of technical commerce communications. I see the future of EDI transport being much richer, less costly, and built on a standardized platform of component network services, all available from an a contingent of competitive providers. In this new era of EDI network services, the service provider will be able to create new products, without concerns over provisioning or compatibility.

As a Network of Networks, we are fully engaged in the regulatory, legislative, and legal issues of commerce networks. We have performed more legal and regulatory research relating to the practice of network interconnections on free trade, and the ultimate primacy of the rights of trading partners to have messages delivered. Every business, no matter what size, should be able to choose their EDI network based on the merits of cost and technical fitness.

We bring Specialization, Focus, Independence, and the personal attention of the principals of our company to your EDI Communications challenges! And, while our most important contribution is our technology – we always seek to make the equation about more than systems and tech, we are about being the type of company that you want to deal with. We continually analyze the EDI industry’s trends and the competitive landscape.

Things are changing in the EDI Industry, as we speak, many networks are merging and a few giants are emerging. Regardless of how consolidation affects the climate of innovation, and beyond mere transit and translation, I know there is more that can be achieved. We hope you think so, too, and we hope that your next choice of EDI Communications provider is Loren Data Corp.

Your Faithful Colleague:

Todd Gould, President
Loren Data Corp.