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This month we have launched two new products: SuperHUBSM and VendorConnect. Both have been driven by customer demand and are directly intended to stabilize the shifting sand that is today’s EDI messaging environment.

SuperHUB has been in development for some time and is a natural extension of ECGrid, enhanced for major EDI Hub end-users. Not just another VAN, SuperHUB is the next generation Reliable-EDI messaging infrastructure, designed to dramatically reduce maintenance requirements and lower the absolute cost of operation. All VAN and AS2 connections consolidate into one robust mailbox, while social networking-based trading partner management eliminates configuration and maintenance burdens. ECGridOS Web Services allows deep integration and the WebDAV interface simplifies and secures upload/download. In light of GXS cutting off many major EDI Hubs on from thousands of their spokes on ECGrid, we have accelerated the rollout of this package.

VendorConnect, on the other hand, is the name we are giving to a unadvertised side program we have been delivering for more than a decade. From time to time our ECGrid customers have asked us to deliver basic mailbox services to various companies to provide quick and reliable connectivity. With the pending GXS termination of interconnection to Loren Data we have been flooded with requests to directly connect to ECGrid in order to maintain continuity of operations for those GXS customers being left in a lurch. It is a no frills, reliable EDI mailbox.

For those EDI end users, large and small, requiring value added services beyond a basic mailbox, we highly recommend they contact any of our many, talented ECGrid Service Providers (or any other VAN on the planet who continues to maintain reciprocal interconnects with ECGrid).

If you see an EDI catastrophe headed your way in Q1 2014, call us right away and we will take care of you, 800-74-LOREN (800-745-6736). Whatever your needs, we at Loren Data are always here to help make your EDI easier and more reliable.

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