ECGridOS Going Mainstream

Todd Gould, CEO Developers, ECGridOS

There is always a tipping point where the game changes. ECGridOS is now there. After years of grunt work, visioning, coding, evangelizing, ECGridOS has risen above the noise. Recently, there have been contracting opportunities popping up for ECGridOS Developers and future ECGridOS Developers are seeking us out to see how they can jump on the next IT wave.

Here is a link from Elance:

We are building an EDI application based on ECGridOS from Loren Data Corp.

The initial phase of this project requires the development of a solution that will call API’s provided by the ECGridOS which will push/pull data from their system into an EDI system we operate.

The ECGridOS is detailed at [] and the initial functions we are interested in are Login, Logout, ParcelUploadGZip, ParcelDownloadGZip and ParcelInboxEX.

For the GZip functions we have and C# code snippets to help with development.

Essentially we want to develop a relationship with someone who can develop this middleware. If this project goes will we want to extend its scope to utilize all the functionality of ECGridOS.

We have a parallel project which calls another set of Web Services which support Geographical Information Systems (GIS).

We are looking for someone who will be part of our team – someone who can help steer vision and then build high quality applications to delive…

Anyone interested in being a ECGridOS Developer, just drop me a line.

Todd Gould
Loren Data Corp.