ECGrid Product Update

Todd Gould, CEO CEO's Letter, ECGrid

Loren Data continues improving our ECGrid platform with architectural enhancements to deliver industry leading service levels and provide new capabilities for our customers. There are three main new or improved services: Transformation-as-a-Service, API v4.1 enhancements, and a new user interface for ECGrid.

Transformation-as-a-Service (ECGrid TaaS): This new platform capability is currently in beta and will launch in Q2. TaaS uses an open source mapping engine as an API, eliminating the need for on-premise software for EDI translation. This innovative transformation infrastructure can be used as a standalone API or implemented as in-network translation with an ECGrid mailbox. Several of our partners have worked with us on to ensure the necessary capabilities to support streamlined, high volume B2B implementations. More information can be found at

ECGridOS API v4.1 Enhancements: ECGrid’s API first architecture and multi-cloud architecture allows our customers to control their whole implementation directly from their ERP, WMS or other software solution, providing end-to-end visibility. This creates a seamless experience for your business users, increasing confidence and extending self-service capabilities which would otherwise result in internal inquiries on such things as ‘Where’s my Invoice?’, ‘How quickly can we setup AS2?’, and other similar help desk activities. You can view our inventory of open AP’s at our ECGridOS GitHub project site,, and start integrating today.

New User Interface: Last year Loren Data conducted our first global customer survey and the recommendations were clear – give users more self-service tools and reporting capabilities. After months of working with customers with feedback, we are closing in on a Q2 launch. Our beta program will be starting in the next few weeks and if you would like to participate send our product management lead, Jon Gatrell, an email to .

The whole team at Loren Data is excited about 2021 and continuously improving our ECGrid product. We look forward to continuing to help our partners and customers innovate their B2B and EDI activities with the continuous improvement of our platform and processes. Thanks for your continued support and feedback to make our products better for you.

Todd Gould, CEO