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Leading B2B/EDI Networks Collaborate

Loren Data Communications EDI Heros, Press Release

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  Joint Press Release Leading B2B/EDI Networks Collaborate to Quickly Enable Ford Ventilator Vendor Supply Chain to assist in the U.S. fight against COVID-19 deaths Marina del Rey, CA & Deerfield, IL — May 21, 2020 [updated: May 28, 2020] — Loren Data Corp. and Kleinschmidt, Inc., two of the industry’s leading EDI Networks, today announced that they have successfully …

Recognizing Competency in EDI Support

Todd Gould, CEO AS2/AS4, EDI, EDI Heros, Featured

From time to time I like to make a point of publicly recognizing people and companies when they exhibit excellence in what they do. Today’s kudos go to Don Nguyen in the EDI Admin/Support department at Fry’s Electronics. Two months ago Don approached us with a problem sending back AS2 Asynch MDNs to our SuperHUB AS2 system. Frequently, our system …