December 2011 Notes

Todd Gould, CEO CEO's Letter, Monthly Notes

E-RETAIL IS HUGE WITH EDI At Loren Data we track the health of ECGrid in many ways. There are direct alerts for problem files, bad routings, etc. However, one of the things we do is trend monitoring. We have an expected characterization of the traffic through our system by time of day and day of week. This really helps us …

November 2011 Notes

Todd Gould, CEO CEO's Letter, Monthly Notes

RADLEY CORPORATION GOES LIVE Big congratulations to Radley Corporation ( who went live on ECGrid this month. Established in 1974, with headquarters in Southfield, Michigan, and offices in Grand Rapids, MI, Phoenix, AZ, and Düsseldorf Germany, Radley Corporation provides enterprise-class Productivity Software Solutions and Services. All of us at Loren Data are excited to be working with the team at …

To Build or To Buy, That Is the Question

Todd Gould, CEO CEO's Letter, EDI, VANs

Since I started developing software professionally in 1983, the build or buy question has been part of my business. “Off-the-Shelf or Custom Programming” was the original hurdle for me to cross to make a sale. These days it is the “In-source or Out-source” of a mission critical service question. Yesterday I had a lengthy discussion about this with our industry …

Catalysts and Inhibitors

Todd Gould, CEO CEO's Letter

A vibrant capitalist system requires frothy competition, which fosters growth, innovation and cost reduction. Do you compete in a vibrant way to provide the best product for your customers, or do you spend time, energy and resources playing a defensive game to prevent your competition from competing? Sometimes we need to step away from our business jargon and terms such …

EDI Is Hot

Todd Gould, CEO CEO's Letter, EDI

I would not be in this market space if I didn’t personally believe that EDI was likely to go from promised potential to huge market explosion…OK, it is taking a bit longer than I thought back in 1996. Seems like Benoit Lheureux at Gartner is seeing this “old” technology heating up right now in his recent article EDI is HOT. …

President’s Letter

Todd Gould, CEO CEO's Letter

Loren Data Corp is a small EDI company with a large communications infrastructure, capable of serving the EDI Communications needs of the largest supply chain companies.