In the Most Interesting Places

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When traveling around the world, you never know who you are going to meet in the most interesting places. Last week found me on business in Nice, France. Not a bad place to relax while “doing” EDI. I happened upon one Penny Vanderbilt. Not likely the long lost third cousin fifth removed of Gloria, but quite an interesting bird, herself. …

Loren Data Turns 25 Years Old!

Todd Gould, CEO CEO's Letter

It’s been a long road since my college apartment in Palms while attending UCLA where Loren Data began. The official first day of Loren Data is the day I graduated. Back in 1987 the job market sucked (sound familiar) and I found myself making twice as much programming PCs with dBASE and Clipper than I could with a job in my field (Chemistry …

Laughing at Ourselves

Todd Gould, CEO CEO's Letter, EDI, Humor, VANs

I don’t know who created this, but this is a must view for anyone who has ever touched EDI or “driven” a VAN. My hat’s off to you EDIcommunity! Todd Gould President Loren Data Corp.  

January 2012 Notes

Todd Gould, CEO CEO's Letter, Monthly Notes

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2012! I am excited and ready to hit the ground running in 2012. Lots of announcements are on the way… Where is EDI going? Are you providing complete solutions to your customers? How are you prepared to compete with Enterprise 2.0 and The Cloud? Loren Data grows in two ways, one in adding new customers the second …

Watching the Data Go By

Todd Gould, CEO CEO's Letter, EDI

I’ve been running an EDI VAN since 1996. From those first days of watching data move across the system I’ve been mesmerized. Every day people buy food, products, clothes, cars, etc. and they have no idea about the Data Dance that occurred in perfect harmony, which allowed them to enjoy the benefits of this economy. I never forget the day …

Is ECGrid a VAN?

Todd Gould, CEO CEO's Letter, VANs

This is a very interesting question, as the entire future of the industry may depend on the answer. The related questions are “What is a VAN?” and “What is the difference between an EDI VAN and an EDI Service Provider?” Let’s start with the last question first as I think it is quite telling. What Is a VAN? This is …