Catalysts and Inhibitors

Todd Gould, CEO CEO's Letter

A vibrant capitalist system requires frothy competition, which fosters growth, innovation and cost reduction. Do you compete in a vibrant way to provide the best product for your customers, or do you spend time, energy and resources playing a defensive game to prevent your competition from competing? Sometimes we need to step away from our business jargon and terms such …

October Notes

Todd Gould, CEO Monthly Notes

Starting this month, I will post a monthly quick note of what is going on. Here is this month’s note. GISB/NAESB GISB/NAESB is now fully functional. If you have business in Gas & Electric, we are all set for you. ECGridAS2 INTEGRATED! We will be in Beta for ECGridAS2 later this month. ECGridOS CALLBACK IS ALMOST HERE What is CallBack? …

EDI Is Hot

Todd Gould, CEO CEO's Letter, EDI

I would not be in this market space if I didn’t personally believe that EDI was likely to go from promised potential to huge market explosion…OK, it is taking a bit longer than I thought back in 1996. Seems like Benoit Lheureux at Gartner is seeing this “old” technology heating up right now in his recent article EDI is HOT. …

President’s Letter

Todd Gould, CEO CEO's Letter

Loren Data Corp is a small EDI company with a large communications infrastructure, capable of serving the EDI Communications needs of the largest supply chain companies.