B2X at X12

Loren Data Communications X12

Please join us in Portland, OR on Monday, January 27th at the Hilton Portland Downtown for the first official RSC meeting of the B2X subcommittee.

B2X is the next generation of X12 exploring the current needs and future solutions to our Business-to-Everything standards needs including JSON and Web Services.

Monday schedule:

  • B2X meetings – 1p-5p – Broadway II
  • X12 General Session 5p-6p – Pavilion West
  • X12 Reception 6p-8p Pavilion Foyer
  • Loren Data Invite Only Reception – 7p-9p – private suite

More meeting details at x12.org. If this is your first X12 meeting and would like to visit as a guest, please send an e-mail to .

Hope to see you there.