Supporting the Service Provider

Support Services

Loren Data is a service organization, and as such is exemplified by the professionalism and training of its staff. ECGrid® is a power messaging platform for Electronic Commerce Service Providers, rather than end-users. Direct access is granted between your departments and our EDI Netops support staff. All ECGrid® support is provided by Principals and Senior Associates – there are no support queues or subordinate support levels.

Normative operations support is provided by ECGrid® Network Operations (NetOps). ECGrid® Technical Operations (TechOps) manages our core EDI network applications, connectivity, security, outages and other extraordinary or anomalous events.

Network Operations

Conceived as Air Traffic Control for EDI, Loren Data NetOps staff is charged with maintaining message routing and inter-network integrity.  Available 24×7, NetOps is the first and last point of contact needed for most customer needs relating to the conduct of EDI message delivery and reception.

ECGrid® customers work with our NetOps staff on a first name basis. Loren Data Corp NetOps Staff tenure averages +7 years; such staff longevity bolsters our ability to respond at a personal level to our client’s concerns. All ECGrid support training is interdisciplinary, covering all areas relating to EDI Messaging and interconnect policies. Cross-training enhances our continuity of services, no matter who is on shift or on call.

Loren Data Corp NetOps philosophy is “we all win”; this defines our ethics and attitude towards each Service Provider or VAN Client. Interconnects ultimately serve our end-users (our service provider clients) and therefore subsequently the trading partners. The overriding priority at ECGrid is in preserving the rights of all trading partners to select their preferred method of B2B Communications, and maintaining our iron-clad commitment to the reliable delivery of your EDI transactions.

Technical Operations

Factoid: ECGrid has been operating 24 x 7 x 365 since 1999. The system has been down for a total of ~10 total hours since 2001, including scheduled maintenance.

Our SLA is unique: All hands in Netops and TechOps shall commit to maximum up time, at all times. ECGrid is a High-Availability system operating  in two data centers, with its core functions operating independently as self-healing subsystems. ECGrid has never been completely off-line, at any time, across all user accounts. (The Great LA Blackout of 2002 was one exceptional situation that affected all hosted IT systems in the city).

ECGrid® TechOps is responsible for our best-in-class up time and performance. Loren Data Corp’s President is also our CTO. With extensive experience in networking applied sciences, our collective skills extend to the ECGridOS Web Services API.

TechOps designs, creates, and maintains all ECGrid® internetwork connections, providing a reliable, meticulously documented EDI network that extends to over 100 cooperative VANs, X400 systems, direct retailer AS2 hubs, and Federal Purchasing and Logistics systems. Every connection and capital computing asset in our facilities is subject to routine maintenance and scheduled upgrades. Loren Data TechOps maintains constant vigilance against intrusion, continuously improving ECGrid systems and company’s policies.

TechOps maintains a 24 hour x 7 day monitoring policy supported by embedded server and application level instrument dashboards.

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