ECGrid is an incredible, embeddable, extendable EDI VAN and  supplier management platform.  Service Providers and Integration Professionals with next generation requirements, ECGrid was designed to address your needs to control multiple client networks, advanced mailbox management, and rich reporting.

Enterprise Software OEMs and B2B Cloud operators told us they wanted EDI Comms  on a powerful programmable platform that could match their elastic, virtualized, on-demand “app-cannons”….and mailboxes were not enough,

ECGrid is a dedicated Commerce Network with Directory Services and a 150+   API functions . ECGrid’s administrative interface is designed to manage  tens of thousands of mailboxes across heterogeneous environments – not just a handful of ID’s.  We expect our clients to bring BIG IDEAS and vast subscriber populations. Give ECGrid’s racks of servers and database clusters a good thrashing with BIG traffic, thousands of ID updates, and migrations that would, and often do, choke other networks, Bring it on.

This is the  network for Programers, Professionals, Integrators and Supply Chain Entrepreneurs.

ECGrid® is the EDI Network of Networks. We provide the best, bar none, EDI communications and trading community platform services to those serving the most diverse cohort of clients  – we do not sell software, or integration consulting. We never compete with our “Network Operator Partners”..


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