Product Road Map

Loren Data Corp ECGrid® is not a typical Value Added Network. We are communications specialists evolving the state-of-the-art:
The art of EDI Communications.

Interconnect Outsourcing

Our only focus is EDI interconnect infrastructure. We continually refine the code and invest in the infrastructure of ECGrid, our intelligent EDI host network. Loren Data Corp is a pure interconnect infrastructure provider – a wholesale network  model designed from the bottom up to specifically support the Electronic Commerce Service Provider.

We do not sell services to end users, thus eliminating conflicts of interest with our clients. Being a pure network provider means not stepping on ECGrid Client’s channels, always remaining focused on delivering continuous improvements to the applied science of EDI Communications.

While the industry has settled on various file-oriented transfer protocols, we have delivered a better platform for EDI interchange routing today. ECGrid and the ECGridOS API will offer continuously upgraded network component services that on-demand service providers can leverage into differentiated, paying core eCommerce products.

ECGridOS Web Services API

“A flash of inspiration led to a Google search, “how to create your own EDI VAN”, and presto, we found Loren Data Corp, and ECGridOS. With our long tenure of over 25 years in EDI,  we  couldn’t believe that we had overlooked this mature company and its innovative network architecture! This was the service we needed to get to market. The infrastructure and expertise of a VAN with a different, independent approach – ECGridOS ticked all the proper boxes!” Marc Nelson, Director of Business Development,  NetEDI

ECGridOS is the industry’s only API for creating virtual VANs that you define, control, and embed in your OEM Applications or On-Demand Platforms, SAAS, and B2B Cloud Hosts.

Service Providers can now be the network, managing access, mailboxes, reports, tracking, interconnections, and trading partner relationships.

ECGridOS enables the integration of ECGrid services into any product or service. End-users receive the Value-Added of a service provider’s applications, while ECGrid and ECGridOS deliver best in class EDI communications and network level, inter-VAN layer abstraction.

Q: What is Coming in 2011? A: Loren Data Corp ECGird Network Services are being expanded. Here is a look:

Extended Directory Services

As2 Security Certificate Management Services

EDI Network ID Portability Services

AS2 Interactive Managed Hub Services

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