What's the Hubbub at LD.com?

This is the place to learn about the strategic issues in EDI Communications Technology

The EDI Industry is not as static as it seems – there are important issues at stake, and some very interesting crossover technologies about to debut in the B2B Communications Market Sector.

We are communications technologists; we have been refining the technologies that make up ECGird for over nine years. Here are some of the important, strategic issues that we are addressing, some of which may soon become products and services, and all of them are enduring and important.

  1. The Current VAN routing system is profoundly broken and inefficient.Every VAN must manage interconnects to every other VAN, the relationships are tangled, subject to whim, and even when stable and collegial (as most are, it’s the few that go bad that create 99% of the trouble in the industry), inefficient and costly in operations.
  2. ID Portability and Directory Services.These related issues drive costs up that are unnecessary and ultimately hostile to the trading partners. We understand that client’s leaving our network is unfortunate, yes? However, the converse is even more true: better Directory services and ID portability make it easier to on-board new customers, and stabilize the industry. We will, as an industry sector, never lose when we put the needs of the trading partners first.

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