Loren Data was founded by Todd Gould in 1987 as a custom business software development company. In 1992 Loren Data was awarded an Air Force contract to develop a purchasing system. One of the requirements was to interface this system with the DOD FACNET EDI system. Loren Data then developed World-Wide EDI for defense contractors to interface with FACNET on the supplier side, which was certified for use in 1997. After establishing the first commercial interconnects for Loren Data Corp, it became apparent that there existed a niche market to provide a service connecting EDI service providers in a more efficient manner.

ECGrid was conceived and developed to specifically service the needs of Value Added Networks and other electronic commerce service providers.

Our advanced host network, ECGrid® is the preferred interconnect and routing platform for large B2B Service Providers, B2B Cloud Commerce providers, such as SPS Commerce, Covalentworks, Energy Services Group,  Trubiquity, and many other well known names in SAAS multi-tenant supplier enabling hosted services and systems. Loren Data ECGrid client’s service thousands of EDI Mailboxes on their systems, provide first line, first rate support to their end-users, and rely on us to provide the backbone of their commerce network messaging.

We provide routed EDI Communications to X.400 providers, large retail hub systems, other electronic commerce service providers and, of course, VANs. We provide a full suite of connection oriented protocols: FTP, As2, VPN, and gateways to secure SMTP and X.400. The crown jewel is our Web Services API, ECGridOS.

ECGridOS is the only real, commerce quality EDI network management API in the business…no other VAN allows the richness of programmable functions for creating virtual EDI networks complementary to your hosted services. Like a real OS, ECGridOS can be used to create accounts, mailboxes, sessions, interconnects, and rich reports – and more – from within your code. Compare the flexibility of ECGridOS to VAN-illa FTP and AS2, compare the reliability and automated error recovery – you will be convinced.

ECGridOS is the industry’s only software programmable EDI Communications Delivery Platform, and currently, the only way to integrate EDI Communications into a software stack, cloud platform, or SAAS infrastructure. Whether an on-premises ERP system, or a mega B2B SAAS host, if integrated trading partner management is your goal,  ECGridOS is the best platform.

Todd Gould, Loren Data Corps President and founder, is a voting member of ASC X12., and founded the X12 Connectivity Caucus.

Get a full appreciation for the ECGridOS API by perusing the API Docs at ECGridOS.net.  Free Developer Accounts are available.

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